Rogue River Fishing Report 12-29-2023

Rogue River Fishing Report 12-29-2023

Well, there aren't many steelhead in the Rogue River this winter. Hasn't appeared to be many in the Grand River or other tributaries yet either. It's been a fairly warm fall and now winter is staying warm. Mostly anecdotal evidence at this point, but this is a shared experience this year.

Fishing the Rogue River

Fished the Rogue River just below the dam this afternoon in the hour or so before dark. Used a Prince Nymph, and a streamer in limited fishing. Water was clear, and moderately low. No fish were seen. Several other fishermen were out in the water hoping that they would get lucky as the year winds down. Unfortunately, no fish were being caught.

The weather was overcast, little to no breeze and drizzly. Air temps were in the low 40s but felt like they were in the mid-30s. 

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