Dowagiac River Fishing Report March 30 2024

Dowagiac River Fishing Report March 30 2024

Dowagiac River Fishing Report

Fished the Dowagiac River in Niles, Michigan on the evening of March 30th, 2024. Weather was grey and windy. Air temps were low 40's and it just really wasn't a great day to be on the water. Fished from shore at the access off of Pucker Street. This is the location of the former Pucker St. Dam. The river banks are currently being restored in this area.

This river sees runs of steelhead, salmon, and brown trout. We were targeting steelhead in this trip. No such luck, unfortunately. We used spoons and inline spinners.

Didn't appear that other anglers were having different success than we were.

The Dowagiac River

The Dowagiac River, meandering through southwestern Michigan's picturesque landscape, is a cherished gem for anglers and nature enthusiasts alike. Flowing for approximately 45 miles, this scenic waterway offers a tranquil escape into the heart of nature. A tributary of the St. Joseph River, the Dowagiac is one of the only cold-water streams in Southwest Michigan.

Renowned for its abundant smallmouth bass, steelhead, and trout populations, the Dowagiac River provides ample opportunities for anglers seeking thrilling catches and serene fishing experiences. Surrounded by lush forests and dotted with charming riverside communities, the Dowagiac River beckons adventurers to explore its winding bends and hidden alcoves. It's best accessed via kayak or drift boat, as the river is almost completely bordered by private land and can have quite deep holes. Learn more about the Dowagiac from the Oak Brook Trout Unlimited chapter.

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